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  Pest ControlOccasional Invaders    October 20, 2019

Occasional Invaders – Crickets, Ladybugs, Box elder Beetles, Centipedes,
Millipedes, Stink Bugs, Silverfish, Springtails

This category of pests consist of insects that normally live and thrive outside, however, they can become nuisance pests when they move inside a structure in small and large numbers.
Exterior weather conditions can have a big impact on these invaders entering structures such as excessive rainfall, lack of rainfall, cooler weather patterns and normal breeding cycles.

Treatment for any of these pests begins with an assessment of activity with a detailed property inspection. Some occasional invaders thrive in moisture conductive conditions. Correcting these moisture issues through proofing recommendations provided by your
service technician may help provide long term control. Treatments for various pests may include interior applications requiring vacating the treatment area for a period of time. This information will be detailed upon treatment scheduling.

All these pests can easily be treated using residual insecticides or bait type insecticides. Exterior barrier treatments are recommended to reduce exterior infiltration. Technician may also recommend sealing of infiltration areas around windows, doors, siding gaps and vents. Regular exterior service intervals are recommended from April through November once interior control is achieved.


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