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  Pest ControlRodents    October 20, 2019

About Rodents – Mice, Rats, Moles and Voles

Mice, Rats, Moles and Voles can cause considerable property damage, potentially spread disease and quickly infest due to rapid reproduction capabilities. Proper identification of which pest you are encountering is crucial to developing a control strategy. Each of these pests can require a very different control approach that can be determined through our detailed inspection process. The information acquired through the inspection will help us customize a control strategy based on your individual circumstances. Services for each pest may include:

Mice and Rats – Use of repeating traps, snap traps, glue traps, locked bait stations inside property to quickly reduce population. Detailed inspection report will be provided outlining findings and recommendations concerning food sources, additional entry point issues (i.e. inadequate door sweeps), housekeeping recommendations, exterior modifications along with inventory of all materials used. Technician will determine and provide frequency of included follow up services. We will repair small entry points from outside the property for holes no larger than 1” diameter, not to exceed 12” total space combined (for larger and or excessive openings, an additional exclusion charge may apply). Services guaranteed, in writing, as detailed on your provided service agreement.

Moles – Use of mechanical scissor, guillotine and or snap style traps. Moles prefer worms, grubs and other larvae as a primary food source, so traditional rodent baits are not effective. In some cases we will supplement the trapping procedure with Talpirid mole
baits. Services will include trapping baiting methods with follow up services and guarantee to be determined by technician.

Voles – Often confused as moles, voles are more prone to prefer vegetation as their primary food source so rodenticide baits can be utilized in our control programs. However, we may often utilize trap stations for the first several weeks of the program to quickly reduce population, and then switch over to bait for long term control.  

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