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  Pest ControlSpiders    October 20, 2019

The Spider

House Spiders, Garden Spiders, Funnel Weavers, Orb Weavers, Recluse, Wolf Spiders, Cellar Spiders and more: There are thousands of spider species in this area. Some spiders can be considered beneficial due to the reduction of other insects by trapping and consuming in their complex webs. The trade off is some spiders can inflict a painful bite that can cause skin irritation and in some cases severe allergic reaction. Heavy infestations can also result in unsightly webs and spider droppings that quickly rebuild and are difficult to remove.

Treatment for spiders begins with an exterior residual application to reduce existing activity. This application may include; around the perimeter, around doors and windows, peaks, eaves, gutters, porches, decks and exterior lighting fixtures. Interior applications should only be made if spider activity is excessive otherwise control can be achieved using glue traps and manual removal of webs and egg sacs.

Reduce conditions that attract or support house spiders:

• Spiders will build webs near exterior lighting because they attract flying
insects. Consider changing your bulbs to yellow or reducing the time
exterior lights area used.
• Reduce clutter and stored items inside.
• Ensure screens fit tightly.
• Sweep or vacuum webs and egg sacs regularly to remove.

Regular preventive treatments around exterior portions of a structure are effective in controlling spiders when made in conjunction with taking steps to limit conditions which attract and support spider activity. Inside, spiders can be managed by removal of webbing, using insect glue traps and careful treatment with spider control products. House spiders are a year round pest and require continued vigilance to manage their activity in and around a structure.

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