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  Termite Control    January 21, 2018


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America's #1 Termite Defense For Termite Treatments


Tri county pest control is able to give low prices on a termite treatment because Termidor works.  When Termidor touches any part of the termite colony, the entire colony is gone within a few months. 

Before Termidor, termite control products would act as a barrier. The termites would work their way around the barrier.  Pest control companies had to charge high prices because they needed to re-treat too many times and they had to pay for damages. The first product to change all of this was baiting systems. It got rid of the whole colony instead of a using a barrier which failed so often. The problem that the baiting system had and still has is that it is only a piece of wood in a bait trap.  When the tech finds termites in these wood stakes she applies the chemical so the termite eats and distributes the chemical to the colony.  The colony is gone in a few months. However, if there is a leak in the house the termites will skip the wood stakes outside and go for the wet wood inside. I have inspected many homes with bait stations in which I have found termites.

Then came Termidor, we have never had a problem with termites coming back after Termidor was applied. Thats why it is easy for us to offer a low cost termite treatment and renewal inspection prices.

We have a termite treatment program

We do construction pre treats

We do W.D.O.'s

We do termite inspections

We do termite spot treatments, including drywood termites


                              If It Flies, Give Us A Try


 Termidor's unique advantages

America's #1 termite defense with over 3.5 million homes treated since 2000

Nothing offers better long-term protection from termite damage.

The unique "Transfer Effect" of Termidor termiticide/insecticide means affected termites help pass Termidor on to their nest-mates before dying themselves.

Starts working immediately and rids homes of termites fast.

The world's most effective termiticide - over 13 years of test data proves unparalleled effectiveness.

Responsible, low-dose treatment, with virtually no odor

If you are looking for termite prevention at very affordable prices give us a call for a free estimate on the phone. Ask for Dana Capelle, she is the best in Orlando at solving any termite problems.

                 Termites eat non stop, 24 hours a day 
                            Termites are found in every state except Alaska

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